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Fannie Highsmith Memoir

Fannie and husband Will

Fannie Highsmith, second of our founding eleven brothers and sisters, was a remarkable person who lived through much of our country's turbulent history - from the Civil War to the beginning of our

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Christmss Card Project

Previously I shared pitcures of the 2012 ‘white’ Christmas in Jones Valley  taken by Larry Braswell.  These pictures were quite nice, capturing a special event in our Valley.  Cousin

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Jones Valley White Christmas 2012

Braswell-Highsmith Cabin

Cousins,  Larry Braswell, his mother Effie Lee, and Cathy & Gary Kornegay' family had a special Christmas raised up a notch.  They celebrated Christmas in Jones Valley, and  were

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Merle E. Nessle - Granddaughter of Arther Jones/ Daughter of Erin.(Jones) Couch

Our family regretfully announces the passing of Merle E. Nessle, on October 23rd, 2012.

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WW II Letter To Jones Valley

The following letter I think captures many things, the first being how over the years “in-laws” became attached to the Family and Jones Valley in such a special way.  Today, I think there are

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Granddaughter of Arthur Jones, Merle, hosted a "Beyond the Cookshack" Picnic in PA

Merle (daughter of Erin Jones/Dixon) and granddaughter of Arthur Jones hosted the first annual "Beyond the Cookshack" Picnic and family reunion, in West Chester PA,

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Summer is here in Texas!

summer robe

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April 2011 flooding

Flood #3

(edited 5/1/11 to add photos) In the past weeks the Jones Valley area has experienced a lot of rainfall. There have been messages on the email list but I thought it good to compile some of that info and photos for posterity.

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Web site updates April 24 2011

The software that runs the Jones Valley website has been upgraded in a major way. Therefore, some of the old stuff may not be working correctly.

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