The Clingman-Jones Family Tree

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Here you will find access to the genealogy and stories of the Clingman-Jones family. 

There are two resources:  (1) An online genealogy system, and (2) a family story area organized in a book and chapter outline format.   The family stories can be accessed either chapter-by-chapter under one ancestor, or through a list of all stories on this website relating to one of the 11 ancestors.

Family members who are registered on this site can provide information or write stories about any family member, including either one of the 11 original brothers and sisters or any descendant in one of those family lines.  Then others, including the general public, can read that information.

The chart

In the chart below you can access information in one of several ways:

Online genealogy system

There is an online genealogy system similar to Family Tree Maker orThe Master Genealogist.  The relevant branch in that system can be reached by clicking the ancestor name in the left-hand column.  Access requires you to be a registered user on this website. Details on the useof the genealogy system to enter data are covered in other instructions.

Articles (stories) by ancestor

When an article is written about any family member (whether one of the original 11 or one of their descendants) that article is linked to the ancestor.  "Article" refers to any content on the website whether in the form of a family tree book "chapter" or "sub-chapter," a blog entry, or a forum topic. Clicking on a name in the list of articles column will open a page listing all of the content related to that one ancestor or any of his or her descendants.

Book chapter by ancestor

In the last column clicking on one of those names will take you to the "book"  chapter for that ancestor. Beneath that page will be sub-chapters for descendants of that person. 








(just click on the name to see all articles

linked just to that ancestor)





NOTE: Gil and Mike can edit
all, but we need individual editors for each line
to be responsible for adding and maintaining a line. 
A.B. Jones & Jane Poindexter Clingman    A.B. & Jane  A.B. & Jane
 -- Arthur Jones Gail Suggs  Arthur  Arthur
-- Claude Jones Needed Claude Claude
-- Fannie J. Highsmith Larry Braswell  Fannie  Fannie
-- Grace J. Palmer Needed  Grace  Grace
-- Granville Jones Needed  Granville  Granville
-- Guilford Jones Guilford L. (Gil) Jones, III Guilford  Guilford
-- Isaac Jones Needed  Isaac Isaac
-- Lee J. Chandler Needed  Lee Lee
-- Malinda J. Cubage Mike White Malinda  Malinda
-- Mary J. Diffie Needed  Mary Mary
-- Mattie J. Chandler Needed  Mattie Mattie


Most of these pages, on both the online genealogy and the "plain text" tree, are either not started or are works in progress. Editors needed as indicated