Online Genealogy Viewer - How To

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We now have our own genealogy viewing hosted on our own site, and which we can all edit! This far surpasses the text-based family tree information. This article will provide details on how to use that system. There is also a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section on the genealogy site for quick reference.

The files so far include a complete A.B. / Jane tree with ONLY the 11 children and a "tree top" for each of the 11. The GUILFORD line is pretty complete downward at this time as to basic information.

What can you do with this?

  • View the genealogy
  • Upload your own GEDCOM files for genealogy data you have created on your computer.
    • OR, make your entries directly online
  • Edit the data online.

How do you access it?    Click on the Online Genealogy link here.

How do you get to edit and add data?

You have to register. Yeah, bummer: register on this site, register on the email list, now register for the genealogy database. Just do it. It's a multi-step process so be patient, and we don't want the whole world to be able to see all of our data. The system sends you a message to verify and you have to click that, then the system sends a message to the administrator to have you approved, then it sends you back your approval. Complicated? Sort of, but necessary in order to protect the data.

Everyone can see the basic data, but you must register and be approved specifically to be able to do any editing.

Eventually I hope that the genealogy program will be tightly integrated with our website software, but right now you just have to register in both places. I suggest you use the identical login and password as you use for the website.

About this program

This is free software that I've discovered. It has quite a few users and appears to be very stable. Let's give it a try. For the curious, it's called PhpGedView. The 'Php" refers to the programming language it's written in, the 'Ged' refers to the 'gedcom' file format for exchanging genealogy data between and among different genealogy programs.