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A.B. Jones and Jane Poindexter Clingman

The chapters that follow below are for text on each of the children -- details of their life beyond the hard facts of genealogy, biographical info, favorite famil
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Frequently Asked Questions

(helpme FAQ updated 7/14/05) 

Here you will find answers to your frequently asked questions (FAQ for short). And if you don't find the answer here, click on the FEEDBACK link in the left column and ask for help. Below this entry you will find a "book" style of organization with "chapters" leading to the most frequently asked about problems and questions. Just click away.

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April 2011 flooding

Flood #3

(edited 5/1/11 to add photos) In the past weeks the Jones Valley area has experienced a lot of rainfall. There have been messages on the email list but I thought it good to compile some of that info and photos for posterity.

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2010 Reunion schedule and newsletter

[inline:2010-CJNewsletter-LW-ff.pdf=Click here to download the full newsletter (Adobe PDF format)] -- it's another great newsletter done by Cuzzin Mike -- but for your immediate gratification, here's the schedule:

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Some security additions

When you log in you will be challenged to answer a simple math question in a system commonly referred to as a &

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Special menus to aid your navigation

Notice that the website has menus in the left column, right column, and across the top.  There are now three areas of navigating that when you enter them, will display a specialty navigation menu

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Another reunion under my/our belt

(photo hint: click on the thumbnails to open big ... then page back in your browser)

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Family and church in the valley

After a lazy wake-up, I suppose due mainly to the wonderful rain and gentle storm during the night, Bailiff and I took a stroll down the road to the highway.

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