Posting pictures in your blog

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We now have a couple of ways to embed photos right into your postings. I would hope some of you would write about your experiences at the reunion or about your family happenings during the year, and the blog is the place to do that (left menu, Create Content, select "blog"). And if you have photos related to your writing, they can be embedded right into the article. See my trip entry as an example.

If you have photos, you might want to add them to your own photo gallery. There is an extensive write-up about how to create and manage photos in your own gallery. Each registered user automatically has one.

First Method

Then you might want to use one of your uploaded photos in a blog entry. Start an entry, and then look at all of the icons at the bottom of the Body where you write your text, and look for the G2 button.

Click on that and a window will open allowing you to navigate to your album, select the photo, and insert a thumbnail of the photo.

Normally you merely navigate to your photo, and click on it. However, if you want more control over how it is placed on the page, first select "Open the Advanced Options Menu"

and THEN click the photo. Usually the only change you will want to make is to change the alignment from "Normal" to left, right, centered, or none.

Then click INSERT and there it is.

All you will initially see is some code in square brackets ... click PREVIEW to see the results.

Second Method

The second method allows you to embed a photo without it being in your gallery first. Use this method for photos you don't want in the gallery ... if the photo is destined for the gallery, then put it there first and use Method One. If you do both, it uses up extra storage space.

See the little icon that looks like a tree in the editing window below? Click on that and a dialogue opens to insert a path to a file. Click on the browse button

which will open another dialogue with a browse button  

to allow you to browse on your own computer where you will select the file to upload and then click the upload button: ,

select the uploaded image from the file list and click ADD.

Once that is done the first dialogue box will be filled in with the correct address of the photo file , and then you can add a description and title if you wish, a description being recommended.

Click INSERT and there it is. In fact, this method two is how I inserted all of the images you see in this dreadfully long explanation.

Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words!