Some security additions

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When you log in you will be challenged to answer a simple math question in a system commonly referred to as a "captcha." There are other places where this occurs as well. This is a spam deterrent measure. There is one guy who keeps trying to log in and I've been just banning his IP addresses but it's taking a lot of time. I'm concerned that with his persistence he may eventually find a way in. This throws another level of blocking that will keep any automated attempts from even getting up to bat, much less to first base. Sorry for the additional trouble of that step, but it's needed.

I've now added a "remember me" function below the login and if you'll CHECK that box, and DON'T log out, the site will remember you for a set period of time. This function allows adds additional security by foiling what's known as stealing session cookies -- worry not about those details, but it's important.