Albert Pike 2010 flood event damage to the Valley

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In the aftermath of the terrible tragedy befalling campers at the Albert Pike Recreation Area following the June 2010 flood event, we had a chance to survey the damage at the Valley from the rainfall on our watershed. While not as great as what hit the Albert Pike area, we got a rain and flood event of our own that Larry Braswell described as about as bad as he had seen. The following are photos taken by Larry in the last couple of days.

Here you see gravel back in the swimming hole. The clean-out work done around Memorial Day will have to be redone in order to have the  hole ready. It has been scheduled to do.
















Here you see the gravel looking across the swimming hole. 

More gravel
















Notice anything here?

The handrail is gone. Don't worry, that too is getting fixed. 


Damage to the back of the dam.  A large portion of the old concrete work washed out. Repairs are underway and getting that work done is important to the integrity of the dam.  No dam, no swimming hole.


As you can see, there is much work to be done and most of it has to be hired out, which translates to a financial burden.  'nuff said ... you get it!
See you at the reunion!