Christmss Card Project

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Previously I shared pitcures of the 2012 ‘white’ Christmas in Jones Valley  taken by Larry Braswell.  These pictures were quite nice, capturing a special event in our Valley.  Cousin Nelson expressed how the one of the Hillbilly Cabin would make a nice Christmas card. 

On Nelson’s inspiration, I created a Christmas card from one of the online photo sites (Shutterfly), this was of course with some help from Lynn.  I ordered a single card to see what the final product would look like – and I was bit amazed.  It looked very good, with quality printing, paper, and envelope.  Then I got an approval nod from Gil, so here we are.

My idea is to offer to Family members the opportunity to get the cards, at cost, from me.   Once, I know how many want the cards, I will place the order, and bring the cards to the July 4th Reunion for distribution.   The cost should be about $1.60 each, including envelope, and orders would be in multiples of 5 (5, 10, 15, …).   So, ten cards would cost $16.

This is not a “fund-raiser”, but a momento of a unique moment in the Valley.  So, don’t let this get confused with donations to the Valley, like the cookbook.  At this time, doto  issues like packaging to withstand the U.S. Mail, I am not sure I could mail the cards to those not attending the Reunion.

I am attaching photos of the card’s four panels so you can get a pretty good idea what it looks like.  If you are interested, please email me at or give me a call at 251-279-7738.


Christmas Card Front Panel

Inside TopInside Bottom

Back Panel