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Frequently Asked Questions

(helpme FAQ updated 7/14/05) 

Here you will find answers to your frequently asked questions (FAQ for short). And if you don't find the answer here, click on the FEEDBACK link in the left column and ask for help. Below this entry you will find a "book" style of organization with "chapters" leading to the most frequently asked about problems and questions. Just click away.

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Jones Valley White Christmas 2012

Braswell-Highsmith Cabin

Cousins,  Larry Braswell, his mother Effie Lee, and Cathy & Gary Kornegay' family had a special Christmas raised up a notch.  They celebrated Christmas in Jones Valley, and  were

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Photo album function updated

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Interplay of the website with the email list-server

When an item is posted to the website, either a new article or a comment to one, the email list-server is a "member" of the website and it gets a "notification" of the new item.

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How to post a blog entry on the family site

1. Log into the site. You must do this first. Be sure you can now see your username in the left column.

2. Look in left menu under "Quik Nav" for "create content"

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Some security additions

When you log in you will be challenged to answer a simple math question in a system commonly referred to as a &

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New info on your Personal Information tab in your account listing

Milton Cameron (III) had a good idea to have a place to link to personal sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Xanga, etc.  So I added several fields. They are:

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Special menus to aid your navigation

Notice that the website has menus in the left column, right column, and across the top.  There are now three areas of navigating that when you enter them, will display a specialty navigation menu

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Posting pictures in your blog

We now have a couple of ways to embed photos right into your postings.

catching up on jonesvalley.us webmaster duties

Good evening. I've just discovered a couple of registrations that have been pending for some time, and some 'family group' subscriptions that were pending -- all now taken care of.

All family members and their guests should, in addition to being a registered user on this site, subscribe to the 'family group.' That's the way I control what the general surfing public can see and what only WE can see.

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