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Help on using this site

I run several websites, each of which uses the Drupal.org software. In order to try to invent the wheel only once, I've created a new sub-site that has only help on how to use this type of website.  Everything there is applicable to using this site and I commend it to your reading.  Click here to open that site in a new browser window.

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Photos - stories - news: yes, we need some!

Ok, cuzzins, where is everyone? Now I KNOW that more of you have digital photos from the 2005 reunion, so let's have them posted here.  We have a wonderful photo gallery system and the instructions will walk you through creating and posting to your albums.

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Email List Server

In addition to this website we have an email list-server. That list has an interplay with this website which is explained here.

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New User Info

What Should You Do First On This Site?

Forums now working on Jones Valley site

It's working again. Modern marvels! Click on the "Forums" link in the top menu and you'll see the structure.

What is the "forum" type of content used for?  For threaded discussions. It organizes the comments that people make on a topic.

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To-do and Wishlist for the site

Since the site is under development, although maturing rapidly (as I noticed to be the case with some of YOU this year ) I want to provide this list to let you know what I'm thinking and to give you a place to add your wish list items.

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Welcome to the site

The site is new. I hope that everyone will try out all the features, poke around, let your fingers and mouse do some walking and give me feedback on places you have problems or questions, ask for help, make suggestions, mention what you like, etc.  Use the feedback link in the left column.

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Family Tree - How To

(this helpme article updated 11/9/2010) 

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Notices from the Webmaster

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Check out the photo gallery

The Photo Gallery will be one of the most popular parts of this site, especially if someone besides me puts up some pictures! 

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