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Anything about reunions of an ongoing nature, i.e. permanently useful info not particular to a single year.
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Memorial Day Fix-up

THE Memorial Day Fix-up is still on for the 2011 Reunion. As usual all

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2009 Reunion and Newsletter

It's almost time! Here comes the schedule and a PDF copy of the very fine newsletter put out once again by cuzzin Mike White. [inline:2009-CJNewsletter.pdf=click here for 2009 newsletter]

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Reunion 2008 Newsletter and schedule

Wow, am I ever late getting this on the website. Cuzzin Mike sent it to me long ago. See attachment below.

Here is the schedule as set out in the newsletter:

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Reunion webcam

IF I can make an internet connection via my cellphone and IF I have nothing better to do, there will be times that you can view a webcam showing some reunion activities.

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2007 Reunion is here -- who's coming? what's up?

I'll be there. Who else? Special plans?

guilford (grandson of Guilford L. Jones)

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2007 Reunion Time - newsletter and discussion

Here is the newsletter (see below for the attachment) in Adobe PDF format, fresh off the press from Mike White. Great job Mike!

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2007 Reunion Schdule

The Clingman-Jones

Family Reunion

June 30th - July1, 2007


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Greetings from the valley

My, how things do change. Our ancestors no doubt rode horseback and buggy into the valley, yet here I am posting to the internet via a wireless connection. I arrived about 4pm today on two wheels and already a good number of others are rolling in, still at this late hour. It's cooling off nicely and should make for a good night's sleep.

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2006 reunion Newsletter

If ya lost it, or if you just need a quick reference, here's the newsletter (in several portions for ease of access). These are all Adobe PDF files.

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