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Frequently Asked Questions

(helpme FAQ updated 7/14/05) 

Here you will find answers to your frequently asked questions (FAQ for short). And if you don't find the answer here, click on the FEEDBACK link in the left column and ask for help. Below this entry you will find a "book" style of organization with "chapters" leading to the most frequently asked about problems and questions. Just click away.

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Fannie Highsmith Memoir

Fannie and husband Will

Fannie Highsmith, second of our founding eleven brothers and sisters, was a remarkable person who lived through much of our country's turbulent history - from the Civil War to the beginning of our

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Jones Valley White Christmas 2012

Braswell-Highsmith Cabin

Cousins,  Larry Braswell, his mother Effie Lee, and Cathy & Gary Kornegay' family had a special Christmas raised up a notch.  They celebrated Christmas in Jones Valley, and  were

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Granddaughter of Arthur Jones, Merle, hosted a "Beyond the Cookshack" Picnic in PA

Merle (daughter of Erin Jones/Dixon) and granddaughter of Arthur Jones hosted the first annual "Beyond the Cookshack" Picnic and family reunion, in West Chester PA,

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April 2011 flooding

Flood #3

(edited 5/1/11 to add photos) In the past weeks the Jones Valley area has experienced a lot of rainfall. There have been messages on the email list but I thought it good to compile some of that info and photos for posterity.

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Flood April 2011

Flood April 2011
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2011 Newsletter and Schedule


Two items posted here, the Spring 2011 Newsletter by our Secretary, cousin Mike White and the 1931 reunion message by Arthur.

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Memorial Day Fix-up

THE Memorial Day Fix-up is still on for the 2011 Reunion. As usual all

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