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This site is primarily of interest to, and used by, the extended Clingman-Jones family. Accordingly, only registered users may comment and some content may be restricted to members. (Family members:  click here to login or register)



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“Jones Valley” is operated by the Clingman-Jones Family Association, a nonprofit unincorporated association under the laws of Arkansas as explained in the Governing Principles here: Governance Document (“Bylaws”)

2016 Reunion photo

Reunion 2016 Family Photo

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Reunion 2016 Postscript from Cuzzin Mike introducing Square payment system

Reunion 2014 Postscript from Cuzzin Mike

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About this website

This is the online info place for the Clingman-Jones Family. All cuzzins no matter how distant in mind, body or spirit are welcome to sign up as a user on this site. There is also an email list you should get signed up on but either the Secretary (Mike White) or the Webmaster (Gil Jones) will have to sign you up on either of those. (more later).



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