April 2011 flooding

(edited 5/1/11 to add photos) In the past weeks the Jones Valley area has experienced a lot of rainfall. There have been messages on the email list but I thought it good to compile some of that info and photos for posterity.

From Mike White, Apr 26

I was in the Valley this last week, and did it rain – maybe 4 inches in a couple days.  Thought you might like to see what the creek, the dam, and the new fine safety railing looked liked in high water.  This video was taken a day after the rain had let up.  The night before it was probably a 6 inches higher.  The second link is one of the Caddo taken from the bridge at the Narrows to Hopper.  I will try and post on the website a few photos – soon.



From Nelson Cameron, Apr 27

Mike:  Just got a photograph this morning from Valley. Shows Cameron-Jones side of creek washed out, exposing the base of the retaining wall, creating a washout of about 10×30 feet.  Arkansas is really getting dumped on.  Brad Caldwell sent me the pict and called Larry.   Nelson.

2nd msg from Nelson: Mike:  Just got another photo, looks more like 75×10 or so. maybe 10 feet deep, down the entire length of the retaining wall.  Nothing like unexpected problems.  Have some of the men doing work on my grand dad’s cabin there.  They have contacted Larry.  Nelson

From Spencer Cubage, Apr 28

We have been notified by the men working on the Cameron’s cabin, that the valley had a torrential downpour over the past couple of days. I am including pictures that was sent to Larry from the guys. As you can see….there is more damage to the Cameron side of the dam than we have ever experienced.

Larry Braswell will be going to inspect the damage this Friday. After his inspection, we will need to make a quick decision to repair the dam. It looks like the red clay on that retaining wall has washed away and needs to be replaced. As soon as we can replace the clay, we should have J.D. Lybrand do the concrete work that we approved.

Hopefully, replacing the red clay will not be very costly. I have asked Larry to meet with Lemoin this weekend to give us a price to replace the clay.

As we could have another flood at any time, I am suggesting that we move with urgency to do these repairs.

One more flood and we could lose that side of the dam.

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