A trashy story

(originally posted Mar 18, 2010)

Now that I have your attention …

Trash disposal at the Valley is a problem:  there is no commercial service.  All of us city slickers need to think about that and need essentially to pretend we’re backpacking. Take all of your trash home with you OR take it to the Montgomery County dump. More on that later.

What NOT to do is shown here: What not to do with trash

If you leave your trash, it will get scattered by animals. Nobody is going to pick up after you … well, Larry and I did today AFTER two of the bags were scattered overnight.




Kitchen trash bin

And that bin behind the kitchen? My thought is we need to reserve that for kitchen trash. Your personal stuff needs to remain … personal.

It was totally filled and someone had placed a trash can, full, on the wooden cover and when the can filled with rain water, it crashed in the cover. Larry and I dug it all out and will haul it to the dump tomorrow.

Speaking of the dump, there is a dump in Norman, just six miles up the road.  Here’s the info on it.

Sign to dumpAs you can see, it’s open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 7am to 5pm. Those are pretty decent hours. The best we know, there is no charge to dump.  Before you get to the little park on the right, you’ll see a sign on the LEFT of the road pointing to the Montgomery County Transfer Station.  It’s a mile or so down that road. Can’t miss it.

And, according to Spencer, Good place to dump the large appliances Dump hot springs 2151-2299 Mountain Pine Rd

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