Getting ready for ’09 reunion

(originally posted May 26, 2009)

As I said in a recent email to the list, I met Larry up here Friday the 22nd and we knocked out all of the work preliminary to
the final prep for the reunion. The kitchen is the biggest remaining
chore, I think, in addition to re-mowing. Lot’s of tick and chigger poison was put out. Timing was good for the spreading of the stuff which is activated by moisture as Larry spread it on Saturday and it rained all day and all night Sunday. Here’s a link to all of the photos taken on this trip.

And I’ll repeat the call for more help:  Larry and I (especially Larry since he’s done most of the prep and care for a looonnng time) think it’s time some of the younger crowd have some of this part of the fun. How about it?  Anyone at least under 65 who wants to come early before the 7/4 weekend and help out?  There will be weed-eating, painting, and basic cleaning in the kitchen and bath house. Larry will chime in if there’s more on his mental list, but that’s the main stuff. I plan to get there by July 1 or sooner to help Larry and if anyone can get there early also, post a comment here.

The river and fishing were both fantastic and the river should still be in good shape on the 4th. We even made the run starting at Norman which (according to Larry) can’t be done during normal summer flows. There has been a lot of rain in Arkansas. A full writeup on the two days is on my personal blog.

The biggest remaing chore for the 4th is clearing out the swimming hole, which Larry has a handle on. A large tree from in front of the Cameron house had fallen directly into the lake after hurricane Ike!  Larry’s pictures of it were posted in an earlier blog entry. Here’s a current picture — unfortunately the dam’s drain is clogged with branches and leaves which have to be cleared, the lake drained, and then the tree can be removed.

Tree and branches still in the lake

You can see the stump on the right, on the retaining wall, and another chunk out in the middle visible just over the hand rail.

You won’t believe the Cubage cabin! It really looks good.

Angle from the direction of the dining hall

You can just barely see the original fireplace chimney peeking out from behind the tree.  Here’s another view from the “approach” end.

Next to the cabin you can see Larry on the new 54″ cut mower. It has already saved a lot of time (down to 3 from about 6 hours) in mowing. He and I assembled the “buggy from hell” — a pull-behind utility cart — that had no instructions with it!

Some personal news. Jennifer’s son, Matt, and his then-fiancee Leslie, were at the reunion last year. They’re married now and Matt is presently deployed with the Air Force. He is on an AWACS, and would you believe he’s the Ken Ellis’ old squadron. Small world. Jennifer and I will be there this year. You’ll recognize

That’s all from the Joneses.

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