It’s a small family world — Granville from the grave

(originally posted May 28, 20087)

It’s a small world. First some background. The Rev. Michael Merriman (a/k/a Fr. Mouse) is a (now retired) Episcopal priest. My cousin Mike is the eldest child of Jane Jones Merriman, a child of Guilford and Jeannette Jones. Mike lives in the Dallas area and occasionally preaches, sometimes in a church and sometimes not. Mike recently related the following story about Granville. (from Mike on 5/13/07.  (Links and {commentary}  added by Editor)

I preached on the reading from Revelation today. The sermon began:


“In 1922, their parents drove my then 7-year-old mother {Jane Jones Merriman} and her brother {Guilford L. Jones, Jr.} and sister {Margaret Lee Haynie} from Marble Falls to Houston. The occasion was the retirement of her father’s eldest brother as pastor of First Christian Church in Houston. While she couldn’t recall all the details Mother remembered this.


Uncle Granville entered the pulpit and read a passage from the Book of the Revelation to John. Then he told the congregation that he had wanted to preach on this text for more than 50 years but had not done so because he knew it would take an hour and a half to preach it. Mother clearly remembered that the sermon lasted that long. So hold on, I his great-nephew am going to preach on the Book of Revelation. I’ll try to keep it under an hour and a half.”


After the 9 a. m. service a woman stopped to speak to me and said, “Your great-uncle Granville, was he Granville Jones?” It turns out that her mother was his daughter, Erin (must be where Adele’s other name came from). She remembers going to Jones Valley as a child and remembers visiting “Uncle Guilford’s” family in Marble Falls.

Small world, eh?


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