Jim Williams cabin

(originally posted Jan 12, 2008)

The Williams old cabin is in bad shape & I think that it is past time that the Board do something about it before someone gets hurt while exploring around it. I will bring the subject up at the board meeting this year. Any thoughts about it before the meeting would be appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Jim Williams cabin

  1. (originally posted by Gil Jan 13, 2008)
    Concur in its demise.
    Thanks for clarifying which cabin it is. If I recall correctly, it’s green (or once was), and if you go up the trail behind Hillbilly, it’s just off to the creekside of the trail. To say it’s in bad shape is an understatement.

    Larry, you might fill us in on who Jim Williams is or was and if there are any relatives still around in that line. I would think a notification to any potentially interested party would be in order first.

    Lastly, we talked about another telephonic board meeting on Feb 4 at 6PM CST. This should be on the agenda so everyone needs to mark their calendar and we might toss a message out to the full family list to inquire about anyone’s interest in the Williams cabin. If someone wants to try to salvage something out of it, that might be good.

  2. (originally posted by Larry Jan 13, 2008)
    My mother remembers him & statedf alive he would be about 90 now. The cabin could be restored & would be nice if it was. I don’t know which family line he was from, but some
    board member should & I agree we should make some attempt to notify his family before
    any action is taken.

  3. (originally posted by Mike White Jan 13, 2008)
    We had a mailing list entry for a Jim & Bella Williams and a Nancy Williams back in 2002. They were dropped due to their newsletters being returned by the Post Office. I remember trying to contact Nancy who was in Mississippi, but failed (did ended up talking with a nice black woman). The Williams are in the Isaac line and this cabin use to be referred to as Uncle Isaac’s – at least by my mother.

    It appears from the genealogy info that Jim’s full name is James Dent Williams, Jr. and was (is) married to a Marian Lea, and they had a daughter – Melinda Williams. Also Jim had a two sisters Maidee Ruth WIlliams and Nancy Williams. Maidee had three daughters through her marriage with Claude Bouebery – Isabelle, Dominique, and Juliette.

    I think I will try and track down Jim and or some of this family. If you have any ideas or info on cities/town, etc. – post, or just email me at xxxxxx

  4. (originally posted by Gil Jan 14, 2008)
    Mike – consider using http://www.publicdata.com. It’s pretty good at giving info, especially with a little uniqueness in some of the names. It costs a little if the search finds stuff, but I think it well worth it to the Valley to invest a little there — it’s like $25 or something and we should reimburse you for that. I don’t use it but the trial lawyers do all the time. Shane may have access to better tools.

    Also suggest an email to the family list seeking info.

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