New valley mascot?

(originally posted Sep 5, 2010)

Day before yesterday my brother-in-law Bill and I discovered what I misidentified as a hawk — trapped in the dining hall. We propped open the doors anticipating that it would find its way out. Not so, it turns out.

I had mis-identified it as a hawk. Turns out it’s a falcon.  Ken and Susan, with their friends John and Linda, came along after I had propped open the doors and the poor bird was still flapping at the screen.  Fearless Ken, no doubt based on his military service in the Air Force (after all, the AF Academy sports teams ARE the Falcons!), gently captured the bird and was able to release it successfully. It flew first to a low branch in the tree just outside the hall, then to a higher branch, then to the top of a tree after which it flew off into the wild blue yonder.

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