Spring update #2 from the Valley

(originally posted Mar 18, 2010)

It’s Thursday. Larry came up last night and today we’ve been about various things. Did a little trash cleanup first (more on that here). We headed into Norman to the trash dump (see below)  but alas, it was closed. Larry then mentioned Melba’s Cafe right there in Norman and how about a cup of coffee. Well that sounded just peachy. So in we go and sit down, get our coffee and were visiting along when here comes this sweet thang waitress allowing how her mother had chocolate and coconut cream pies about to exit the oven.

Well there I was with a dilemma. You see I’ve been on this diet on account of having a 6-way bet ($20 a head) with the guys at the local Marble Falls cafe about who can lose the most weight.  I’m intending on taking their money, but hey, freshly baked hot coconut cream pie? Suddenly the solution hit me and I ordered a piece of that pie with two straws.  I was glad that sweet thang picked up on the joke and brought forks.

I’m here to tell you it was good. The best we’d ever had, Larry and I agreed.

Then we headed back to the Valley and took a trek down the creek looking for stuff. It’s a bit brushy but beautiful.  Along the creek itself it’s really nice. 

We intend to do a little brush cutting and sapling wacking to cut a nice path down there so more people can enjoy it. By the way, that’s Larry and my trusty canine companion Bailiff. She loves Jones Valley almost as much as I do.


Walking along the creek you get a much better feel for the Valley’s ambiance so we really want to get it where others can enjoy it.

Here was a great tree trunk. I thought it just had a lot of character.

Larry did a lot of smoothing around the place after the water lines had been laid. He and his tractor were busy most of the afternoon. We finished off the day with me warming up some leftover sirloin steak and that with some bag-salad and a cold beer, we were set.

Tomorrow we finally conquer the trash!

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