2019 Jones Valley October Visit

Hey Cousins, This is not exactly late breaking news, since I’m reporting about my trip to the Valley the previous week, but it was such a good time I needed to pass it along.

The weather was perfect, and the one day it did rain I had plenty to do in the Cabin so it was all good. One thing, when you visit not at Reunion time, you get to see nature’s unexpected beauty with unexpected treats like these flowers around the Cubage Cabin – .”Red Surprise Lily”

I can report progress on the new Cameron Cabin (Five Brothers) is continuing, especially with the roof being installed. It is looking really nice, nestled in the pines.

Also to report is the Arkansas Forestry Department is continuing to make progress putting in fire-breaks for the Controlled Burn which is scheduled for this winter. Of course this is dependent on the weather conditions being suitable. The Controlled Burn is part of the Forestry’s recommended plan to maintain Jones Valley’s natural resources in a safe and responsible manner.

A side benefit of the fire-breaks is that many of them make good rugged hiking and off-road ATV trails. The photo, taken by Cousin Gil Jones is from Larry Braswell’s side-by-side ATV as Larry takes Gil on a tour – a very exciting one at that. I can testify to how exciting, because Larry took me on one the previous day – a little “white knuckles” at times. (:

All the best, and thanks Gil for the photos.

Cousin Mike

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