Two Weeks at Labor Day

Rain and shine. This nice — now almost two weeks’ — stay has been some of each. I arrived on August 29 and it rained sporadically for days and sometimes with a great flourish of heavy rain, thunder and lightning. Since the weekend of the virtual family annual meeting (Sept 5) the weather has been gorgeous with highs in the upper 80’s and 60’s at night.

I have been blessed with both Jennifer and some company and then alone-time as well. Just me and Bentley.

We’ve been all over the roads and firebreaks in the trusty Polaris Ranger and have hauled Jennifer, her sister and brother in law Julie and Bill, Mike and Lynn White and others. All have lived to tell about it.

The purpose of this post is to spotlight some of the fabulous parts of the Valley that are off the beaten path. My hope is that others will be inspired to leave the dining hall and their electronics behind, and do a little exploring.

Creeks and Woods

Gap Mercantile

The proprietors, Gary McWilliams and his wife, have held the 21st century at bay with the Gap Mercantile in Caddo Gap. Gary will put on airs of the country store keeper — complete with “overhauls” and granny glasses — but don’t let that fool you in case you would like a taste of intelligent conversation too.

While you are there you must get a taste of jams and jellies, candies, ice cream and — when in season — locally grown vegetables. And speaking of tastes, grab these visual feasts:

There’s even a cottage in the back

Montgomery County Museum and Heritage Center

Just a short jaunt up Ark 8 to Mount Ida will bring you to the Heritage Center before you even get into town. This is really a nicely done museum that will give you a flavor for the county from its origins to today. Be sure to look for the memorial bricks laid by the family — one for each of our Founding Ancestors.

There’s more to come. Check back often as I add photos and a few videos.

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