Two Weeks at Labor Day

Rain and shine. This nice — now almost two weeks’ — stay has been some of each. I arrived on August 29 and it rained sporadically for days and sometimes with a great flourish of heavy rain, thunder and lightning. Since the weekend of the virtual family annual meeting (Sept 5) the weather has been gorgeous with highs in the upper 80’s and 60’s at night.

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This is YOUR website, you Clingman-Jones folks — read on


(originally posted July 15, 2005 — and everything in that post is still true in 2017)

The site is new. I hope that everyone will try out all the features, poke around, let your fingers and mouse do some walking and give me feedback on places you have problems or questions, ask for help, make suggestions, mention what you like, etc. Continue reading

My first visit to the Valley


(originally posted Jul 15, 2005) (the photo is not on my first visit — It’s me and Jennifer at Fisher Mtn.)

I hope that everyone will reminisce a bit.  It comes more naturally with age, but then so does forgetfulness. If you have fond memories, it might be best to write them down now.

My first trip to Jones Valley was when I was about eight years of age, as I recall. That’s been a while now.  I went with my grandparents, Guilford and Jeannette. My cousin Mike (Michael Merriman) was along and I think his sister Jeannette may also have been but I’m not sure. I do recall distinctly, and with some relief at the time, that my own sister, Janet, was not there. Continue reading

Virginia Schubert, granddaughter of Arthur Jones

(originally posted Apr 3, 2006 by Leslie Pulliam)

Virginia E. Schubert

Virginia E Schubert (Miriam Virginia Eisenlohr Schubert), 83, died peacefully on Thursday March 17th, 2006.  She lived in Charleston, South Carolina for the last 16 years of her life.  She and her husband, Bill, last lived at Bishop Gadsden on James Island.  Virginia was born in Dallas, Texas on February 1, 1923.  She grew up in Texas and Oklahoma City and graduated from the University of Oklahoma.  She married William Schubert.  They celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary before he died in 1999. Continue reading

Sounds and sights of the forest

(originally posted Jul 1, 2006. This was a stop on the Valley for the reunion which was the start of a 3-week motorcycle trip through the Northwest and Western U.S. on the trusty R1100RT BMW, which I still have in 2017 as this blog is being re-posted on the new site) Date of this writing: Saturday, July 01, 2006  7:16 (more…)