This is YOUR website, you Clingman-Jones folks — read on


(originally posted July 15, 2005 — and everything in that post is still true in 2017)

The site is new. I hope that everyone will try out all the features, poke around, let your fingers and mouse do some walking and give me feedback on places you have problems or questions, ask for help, make suggestions, mention what you like, etc. Continue reading

Example of easy user posting WITH a picture

EmailThere is also a Rich Text Format (RTF) editor, i.e. Word-like where you can do bold, italics, underlining and other tricks just like in Word. Again, this form to fill in is near the bottom of the home page. This is a heading which you can also do along with lists with bullets or with numbers all automatically added. And images. Here are a (more…)

Blog entries can be categorized by ancestor

If you have information about an ancestor you can do a quick blog entry or photo and categorize it by that ancestor’s name. You will find a category list on the right side of the editing page. If your entry involves more than one ancestor, you can check each applicable one. If it involves all of them in general, that (more…)

Site updated in many ways

Here is a list of the major changes: Default user status is “Author” meaning an approved user can post blog entries and upload photos. Login has, hopefully, been simplified. You must be logged in to post a blog or photo. You must be logged in to comment on a blog entry. Non-members can comment on a photo by entering their (more…)