After turning off Arkansas Highway 8 onto Jones Valley Road to enter the Valley, continue past the Clingman-Jones Family Reunion sign and proceed up the hill a short distance.  On the left is the Family Cemetery.  It is rather fitting that the Cemetery has such a prominent spot, in that our Jones Valley heritage was, in great part, made possible by the 50+ Family members currently resting there.  This includes six of the eleven founding brothers and sisters. This place, as you will see, is peaceful and calm.

Jones Valley Entrance

Family Cemetery Sign





You can review the headstones in the Cemetery at:  http://arkansasgravestones.org/cemetery.php?cemID=246&pg=1

The first Family members buried in the Cemetery are Judge W.O. Diffie in 1928, founding ancestor Mary’s husband, and founding ancestor Granville Jones in 1929.  So, you can see that for Jones Valley, purchased in 1923, the Family Cemetery was part of our founders’ original vision.



In the 1970s, when an area of the Old Bethel Cemetery near Glenwood had been deserted and it was feared the Clingman headstones there would be bulldozed, they were relocated to our Family cemetery.

A visit to Jones Valley would not be complete without taking a moment to pay one’s respects at the Family Cemetery.

Jones Valley Family Cemetery – Stillness

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