Michael Lance Nichols

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Michael Lance Nichols, third of five children of Karen Foster and Tom Nichols, was born January 19, 1971, in Houston, Texas.

Note: Story from 1996 Arthur Jones Family Scrapbook.

Michael Lance attended school in Houston and the suburb of Friendswood, he graduated from the Vanguard Magnet High School with honors. Lance was accepted at Reed College in Portland, Oregon (a private liberal arts school) on a full scholarship, and moved 2,000 miles from home.

The second semester of his junior year, Lance took a sabbatical and went to Europe for six months with some college classmates, one of whom was from Paris. This low-budget excursion took them to France, Germany, Spain, and Morroco.

In the beautiful Northwest, exploring the ancient forests, salmon streams, waterfalls, rugged Pacific Coast, and snow-capped mountains was an education in itself. Lance, who learned a love of nature from his grandmother, Dorothy, enjoys camping, hiking, and rafting in the Portland area where he still lives after his college graduation in 1994.


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