Marjorie Elizabeth Couch

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Marjorie Elizabeth Couch, second child of Erin Jones and Theo Couch, was born May 16, 1924, in Dallas. She was married in April 1955 in Austin, Texas, to George Terrell Huff (born April 10, 1919, in San Antonio, Texas, and died January 4, 1990, in Austin, Texas). Marge and George had one son, David Powell Huff, born March 1, 1960, in Austin, Texas. On April 15, 1975, in Aztec, New Mexico, Marge married Richard Clifford Corbin (born May 20, 1921, in Lockney, Texas), and died March 4, 2013 in Plano, Texas.

Note: Story from 1996 Arthur Jones Family Scrapbook.

Marjorie was born in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas, Texas, in 1924. She says it seems impossible that it has been that long ago. She has a vague memory of her father, but her mother was divorced from him so early in Marjorie’s life that her “real” father was Arthur “Papa” Jones. She had two mothers, Ella, “Mama” Jones, and Erin, “Mother.” Erin was more like an older sister to Marjorie and Merle, as was their youngest aunt, Dorothy, who lived with them in the early years. Marjorie and Merle moved with their mother to El Paso, Texas, the year Marjorie started high school, and made an uneasy life with Ralph Dixon, his three children and his mother. It didn’t work well, so Merle and Marjorie moved back to Austin and lived with Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Hubert. Merle left for college fairly soon thereafter, and Marjorie moved to San Antonio to work after high school graduation and the start of World War II.

The years have been kind, she says, after some rough ones during that war, part of which Marjorie spent in Hawaii, working for the government at Hickam Field. She repaired air-borne radios for the Air Force. The years sped by after the war, with several brief and unhappy romances, one 15-year marriage to George T. Huff, and the birth of David Powell Huff. David’s middle name, Powell, was in honor of George’s “uncle” (actually a cousin, as it turns out), Rear Admiral Paulus Prince Powell, an aide to Admiral Nimitz during WWII. David was a joy to all. Marjorie and George were divorced in October of 1968.

The year of Marjorie’s divorce from George Huff, she started dating the “love of her life,” Dick Corbin. Incidentally, she is called “Marge” now. Only her mother called her Marjorie, and Merle’s children have always referred to her as Aunt Marjorie.

Marge and Dick were married in Aztec, New Mexico, in 1975, and they lived and traveled all over the country for many years, taking David with them to Colorado, Illinois, and back to Colorado. They moved back to Texas because of the death of Dick’s father and his need to be closer to his mother, who is now 94 years old and going strong. Their home in Brady is on the local lake; it is small but “comfy.” Dick continues with his electronic repair business, with a small shop in town. Rickey, Dick’s son by an earlier marriage, died in January 1995. He had a lovely wife, Pam, and two children. The oldest, a girl, was married some years ago, and now Marge and Dick have two great-grandchildren.

Marge’s fondest memories of her childhood are of yearly visits to the family reunion in Caddo Gap, Arkansas—sitting in the rafters of the tabernacle listening to Papa Jones and his brothers preach, walking the top of the dam, and drinking from the spring. Texas has always been “home,” although Marge loved Hawaii, Illinois, Colorado (her spiritual home), and several other places. She looks forward to many more years in the love of God and her family.


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