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Kathleen Anne Nessle, oldest of seven children of Merle Couch and George Nessle, was born October 1, 1949, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. On June 5, 1971, in Linfield, Pennsylvania, she married Louis Ralph Kulp (born February 7, 1947, in Pottstown, Pennsylvania).

Kathleen and Louis has three children: Christopher Allen Kulp, born December 18, 1974; Amanda Louise Kulp, born October 9, 1977; and Jillian Marie Kulp, born July 12, 1979. All three were born in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

Note: Story from 1996 Arthur Jones Family Scrapbook.

Kathleen grew up in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, until age 10, then moved to Linfield, Pennsylvania. She attended Sacred Heart Elementary School and graduated from St. Pius X High School in 1967 and Westchester College (Pennsylvania) in 1971.

She met Louis at Westchester College. He graduated in 1969. He was a conscientious objector to the VietNam War and was sent to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, for alternative service. He operated a half-way house for retarded adults. When his service was concluded, they moved to Chicago for six months, then back to Pennsylvania.

Kathleen has taught elementary school since 1980; she presently teaches at St. Peters School in Pottstown. She teaches mostly sixth grade, but also teaches 7th- and 8th-grade American History.

Louis is a lab technician for Cabot Corporation, where Katheen’s father worked. The corporation extracts metal ores for use in manufacturing things like medical instruments and computers.

Kathleen is music director at St. Gabriel’s church in Stowe and drives “Mom’s taxi.”

Chris is a senior at Westchester University majoring in music education. Amanda graduated from Pottsgrove High School in Spring 1996. Jillian will be a junior at Pottsgrove High School in Fall 1996.


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