William Darnell Schubert Jr.

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William Darnell Schubert Jr., third child of Virginia Eisenlohr and Bill Schubert, was born August 12, 1953, in Kansas City, Missouri. On June 1, 1975, in Westwood Massachusetts, he married Donna Maria Cataldo (born May 15, 1954, in Boston, Massachusetts). They were divorced in March of 1986 in San Diego, California.

Bill and Donna had two children: Alexander William Schubert, born June 6, 1979, in New York, New York; and Mathew Michael Schubert, born April 8, 1981, in San Diego, California.

On October 18, 1987, in Newport, Rhode Island, Bill married Francesca Hall (born August 3, 1959, in Holden, Massachusetts).

Note: Story from 1996 Arthur Jones Family Scrapbook.

Donna and Bill met at Nasson College in Springvale, Maine, where they both were graduated. They moved to New York City to enter the theater world. They traveled with an opera company and received their equity cards.

Later Bill decided on a Navy career and went to Officers Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island.

Donna is in the insurance business. She now lives in Taunton, Massachusetts, with the two boys who are in school there.

Bill and his second wife, Fran, both Lieutenant Commanders in the Navy, until July 1996 resided in Longview, Texas. Bill was Commander of the Naval Reserve Center in Tyler, Texas, and Fran was Commander of the Naval Reserve Center in Shreveport, Louisiana. They are parting ways, and Bill is transferring to Jacksonville, Florida, where, for the foreseeable future, he will be living on a 32′ sloop.

Bill was raised in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He attended the following schools: Summit School, Winston-Salem, North Carolina (Kindergarten); Whittaker Elementary, Winston-Salem, North Carolina (1-6 grades); Wiley Junior High, Winston-Salem, North Carolina (7-8 grades); Virginia Episcopal School, Lynchburg, Virginia (9-10 grades); Monson Academy, Monson, Massachusetts (11-12 grades; graduated 1971); Nasson College, Springvale, Maine (Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater, 1975).

He has lived in the following cities: Kansas City, Missouri; Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Lynchburg, Virginia; Monson, Massachusetts; Springvale, Maine; Sanford, Maine; Valdese, North Carolina; New York, New York; Newport, Rhode Island; Seattle, Washington; Imperial Beach, California  [outside of San Diego]; San Diego, California; PT Molate, California [outside of San Francisco]; Jeffersonville, Pennsylvania [outside of Philadelphia]; Jacksonville, Florida; Longview, Texas; and Tyler, Texas.

From June 1970 until he entered Officer Candidate School in March of 1980, Bill had the following employment: BVD Textile, Kings Mountain, North Carolina; Hammer Brenerei, Heilbronn, Germany; Riegel Textile, Aiken, South Carolina; University of New Hampshire Summer Theatre; Holly’s Tavern, Blowing Rock, North Carolina; Laconia Shoe, Sanford, Maine; Old Colony Players, Valdese, North Carolina; Servomation Vending, Hickory, North Carolina; Old Colony Players, Valdese, North Carolina; CETA Summer Youth Program, Morgentown, North Carolina; National Theatre Company, New York, New York; Magna Marketing, New York, New York; WSVM Radio, Valdese, North Carolina; Town of Valdese, North Carolina.

He was commissioned at Officer Candidate School in 1980 and reported to his first ship, USS MCKEAN (DD-784), in August of that year. After serving as First Lieutenant for six months, he attended Surface Warfare Officer’s School in SanDiego and was subsequently assigned to USS BARBEY (FF-1088) as Combat Information Center Officer. From August 1981 to March 1984 USS BARBEY made two Indian Ocean/Arabian Gulf deployments during which LCDR Schubert qualified as a Surface Warfare Officer and became intimately involved in the early implementation of the first passive anti-submarine towed array sonar system. He was fleeted up to Operations Officer and transferred to USS HECTOR (AR-7) where he again deployed to the Indian Ocean. In the spring of 1984, USS HECTOR became the first United States ship in 20 years to visit Madagascar when she made a port call to provide assistance after a devastating typhoon hit the city of Diego Suarez. On return to the United States, LCDR Schubert reported to USS LEAHY (CG-16) as Damage Control Assistant. He requested and was granted a release from active duty in the summer of 1986, continuing his Naval service as a Selected Reservist with a SIMA unit in Philadelphia.

After six months in the civilian world, LCDR Schubert returned to active duty specializing in the Training and Administration of Reserves (TAR). He entered Department Head School in Newport, Rhode Island, from which he was assigned to the Naval Reserve Force ship USS ANTRIM (FFG-20) as Operations Officer. During his tour, USS ANTRIM sailed the Great Lakes as a recruiting promotion ship stopping in 23 ports in three months and received the Battle ‘E’ for outstanding performance in a competitive group including both USN and NRF ships. At the end of this tour in March of 1989, LCDR Schubert went ashore to the NAVAL RESERVE READINESS COMMAND REGION EIGHT located at Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, Florida, where he served as Manpower Officer and as Manpower, Personnel, and Training Officer during the reserve mobilization in support of Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm.

In his most recent shipboard tour, LCDR Schubert returned to sea aboard USS OKINAWA (LPH-3) as Surface Operations Officer deploying again to the Arabian Gulf. The Navy/Marine Corps team under the lead of the flagship, OKINAWA, participated with the newly developing Gulf Alliance during several groundbreaking exercises in the post Desert Storm era. He assumed duty as Commanding Officer of the Naval Reserve Center, Tyler, Texas, on February 20, 1993.

LCDR Schubert has been awarded three Navy Commendation Medals. His next duty station is the Armed Forces Reserve Center in Jacksonville, Florida. On 1 February, 1997, he will retire from the Navy.


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