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John Russell Hill, oldest of three sons of Gail Moore and Billy Hill, was born March 27, 1953, in Austin, Texas. On June 17, 1972, in Austin, he married Janice Lee Johnson (born November 28, 1952, in Austin). They were divorced January 7, 1977, in Austin.

Rusty and Janice had one son, Justin Wayne Hill, born July 31, 1974, in Austin.

Rusty’s second marriage was February 14, 1977, in Austin to Kathy Ruth Stifflemire (born April 23, 1958, in Elgin, Texas. Rusty and Kathy had two sons: Grant Russell Hill, born August 10, 1977; and John Travis Hill, born May 13, 1982. Both boys were born in Austin.

Note: Story from 2006 Hill Family Scrapbook.



Rusty was born in Austin and attended Jerry Joslin Elementary School, Porter Junior High, Crockett High School, and graduated from Westlake High School in 1971. He played baseball and football. He attended St. Edward’s University in Austin for one semester.

His grandmother, Mozelle Moore, and aunt, Colleen Moore, took Rusty and his cousin, Janet Perry, on an automobile trip from Austin to Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks in Wyoming/Montana when they were high school seniors.

In early 1972, Rusty went to work for Texas Instruments and married Janice Johnson, his high school sweetheart (a cheerleader) in June 1972. They had one son, Justin, and lived in Austin Lake Estates west of Austin. Rusty and Janice were divorced when Justin was two years old.

Janice married Tim Teague and had another son, Matthew. Janice and Tim were later divorced, but they both still live in Austin Lake Estates.

Rusty married Kathy Stifflemire in 1977. They lived in Round Rock—first in an apartment, then in a rented house on ranch property. In 1984 they moved to Cedar Park, Texas, to a rock house that Rusty helped build. They have two sons, Grant and Travis. Rusty’s older son, Justin, lived with Rusty and Kathy during his junior/senior high school years, so they had three boys to keep up with for several years. Justin moved back to live with his mother when he was a high school senior.

Rusty worked for Texas Instruments for 27 years as Logistics Manager, in charge of all the shipping for the Austin Operations. TI sold Rusty’s unit to Solectron, and he continued to work in the same position. In 2000 a good friend and customer of Rusty’s, Tim O’Hearn, started a new business manufacturing packaging, initially for electronic equipment like computers. Dell was one of its first customers. Tim asked Rusty to head the operations part of the business, and he has been Director of Operations for Austin Foam Plastics (now known as AFP) since that time. He manages three manufacturing warehouses in the Austin area and also has plants in Dallas, Nashville, Columbus, Ohio, Monroe, Ohio, and Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The company now employs about 500 people in eight locations. AFP also has plants around the world both in joint ventures and partnerships.

When his sons were growing up, Rusty coached their baseball teams and took them hunting, usually at the Stifflemire Ranch near Briggs. Rusty recently joined his father Billy’s deer lease at Freer, Texas, and has helped improve the cabin there. He has hunted elk several times in Lake City, Colorado, where his mother Gail lives. In October 2006, Rusty took his sons Grant and Travis, nephew Hank Stifflemire Jr., and friend Earl Brown to hunt elk in Colorado.

Kathy grew up in Austin, then in Round Rock, graduating from Round Rock High School in 1976. Immediately following her graduation, Kathy went to work at Texas Instruments, where she met Rusty. They were married within a year. Kathy was a stay-at-home mom, but worked when the boys were older.  She has always supported Rusty and the boys in their sports and hunting interests. Kathy was always the team mom, scorekeeper and fundraiser for the boys’ teams all the way through high school. She enjoys spending time with her mother, aunt, and friends. Since Maddison and Tristan (Travis’ children) came along, Kathy enjoys being their grandmother and helping to care for them.

Kathy’s parents, Fred and Ruth Stifflemire, and brothers, Hank and Mike, were in the air conditioning/heating and home building business in Round Rock. Fred and Ruth purchased ranch property at Briggs, Texas, where all the family enjoyed hunting. In 2000, the Stifflemires built a beautiful limestone home and moved to Briggs for retirement. Their home is a gathering place for the family, and Grant’s wedding was held there.

All three of Rusty’s sons are married, and their stories are on separate pages. Rusty’s step father, Jim Suggs, officiated at all three weddings.


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