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John Travis Hill, second child of Rusty Hill and Kathy Stifflemire, was born May 13, 1982, in Austin, Texas. On May 4, 2003, he married Angela Stephanie Rubin (born 30 January 1982, in Brighton, Massachusetts).

Travis and Angela have two children: Maddison Hill, born February 14, 2002, and adopted by Travis November 10, 2004; and Tristan Grant Hill, born October 21, 2005, in Austin, Texas

Note: Story from 2006 Hill Family Scrapbook.

Travis grew up in Round Rock and Cedar Park with his parents and older brother Grant. He attended school in Leander and graduated from Leander High School in 2000.  His Grandma Gail and Jim Suggs took him to Maui, Hawaii, that summer. His first job was with a company that handled Dell computer keyboards.

Angela was born January 30, 1982, in Brighton, Massachusetts (near Boston) but moved to Austin, Texas, at the age of 3. She was raised by her grandparents, Jerrold and Marilyn Rubin.

Angela became licensed as an aesthetician (skin care) after completing school at Baldwin Beauty School and was licensed as a massage therapist following completion at the Texas Healing Arts Institute.

The children both were born at Seton Northwest Hospital in Austin, and both were delivered by the same long-time family doctor. Maddison was the first baby born there on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2002. The adoption process was finally completed November 10, 2004—a very happy day! Although Travis has been part of her life since she was four months old. Tristan was born Oct. 21, 2005.

Travis is the sole owner of Hill Construction. His cousin, Hank Stifflemire,Jr., also has his own company. Travis and Hank work together on most all of their projects.

Angela wrote in June 2006:

“Well, I have successfully completed my massage classes. My dba has changed from Botanical Skin Therapies to Nature Spa. My network is rapidly expanding. I have recently become an affiliate of Drs. Courtenay and Patrick Jones at Lone Star Chiropractic—which is conveniently located across the street from the spa. I am officially the one massage therapist that they send all of their patients to. When I leave the spa I still have work to do. Someone always needs a massage or herbal remedy for some issue, but I love taking care of everyone. And I am still taking/managing Jazzercise classes.

“Travis has been working more and more. Although, many times I hesitate to ask ‘How was your day hun?’ You see, each day brings a new and exciting challenge. One day the trailer caught on fire while driving down the road. There have been several flat tires, tractor stuck on the side of a cliff, etc. And someone’s bound to get hurt…a hurt back, a broken ankle. I believe now it’s poison oak from head to toe. They call themselves “Crippled Construction.” Travis got a new truck, a big black Dodge Dually. It’s a great vehicle and it gets better gas mileage because it’s a diesel. Travis says he’s going to drive it until the wheels fall off, and at the price we paid, we may be living in it!

“Tristan is getting to be a big boy. He pulls up on things, walks around the house pushing the laundry basket and has finally cut two teeth. He loves to take showers, and he loves to eat. His determination to walk on his own has left him with a few bumps and bruises. He is a happy baby and very easy going. Maddison had a great year in school. She has been writing her name for some time now, but the other day she wrote Tristan’s name correctly without even telling us. We have just passed the Dell laptop on to her. She loves computers and knows how to navigate browsers and all. She will be starting swim lessons soon. Her first year of ballet was completed with an adorable recital, just after she decided to give herself a hair cut. Yeah, she chopped it all off. She’s switching back to gymnastics in the fall. Maddison is enjoying Tristan’s company and now has someone to play with besides her two best friends, the dogs.”

Add 2011: Angela now has a body building business. Travis works for Austin Foam Plastics. Maddison came in seventh in the Texas Gymnastics meet this year. She went to gymnastics camp near Houston last summer with famous coach Bella Karolyi. Tristan is enjoying little boy things.


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