Mark Allen Hill

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Mark Allen Hill, second of three sons of Gail Moore and Billy Hill, was born April 21, 1955, in Austin, Texas.

Note: Story from 2006 Hill Family Scrapbook.

Mark grew up in Austin, attended Jerry Joslin and St. Elmo elementary schools, Porter Junior High, and graduated from Westlake High School in 1973. He played football until he broke an ankle in a church father-son game. He loved hunting with dogs with our next door neighbor, and he owned several hunting dogs. He was a good student and excelled in art. Mark and his cousin, Marcia Perry, went to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands with Grandmother, Mozelle Moore, and Aunt Colleen when they were high school seniors.

In 1974, Mark completed his freshman year at Colorado State University at Fort Collins, Colorado, where he planned to major in agricultural engineering. But he then had a chaotic life for about 10 years. After his mother married Jim Suggs in 1983, they moved to Fort Worth where Mark had his own house. The family moved again in 1989 to St. Louis, and Mark lived across the Mississippi River in Cahokia, Illinois. He had a dog named Sam that had two litters of puppies—about 15-17 fuzzy pups each time.

In 1994, Mark moved to Bourbon, Missouri, where he lived at Audrey’s Place and worked in a woodworking shop. Jim and Gail moved to a St. Louis suburb and adopted Mark’s dog Sam (after building a back yard fence for her).

When Jim and Gail retired in 1997 and moved to California, Mark moved too. He currently lives at Petka’s Guest Home in San Marcos, California.

Mark has been enrolled at Palomar College in San Marcos. He has taken lots of classes in art plus other interesting courses and has learned several sports—bowling, racket ball, golf, and weight training.

Mark and Gail play golf most Fridays when she is in Carlsbad. He also enjoys riding his bike and fishing. He did a little of that in Hawaii in Spring 2006.


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