Arthur Ned Crittendon

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Arthur Ned Crittendon, youngest of two sons of Jane Moore and Lynn Crittendon, was born September 7, 1962, in Marfa, Texas. On September 21, 1985, in Sonora, Texas, he married Angela Michelle Green (born April 29, 1963, in Sonora, Texas).

Arthur and Angela have two sons: William Austin Crittendon, born October 9, 1987, in San Angelo, Texas; and Dustin Major Crittendon, born February 20, 1992, in San Angelo, Texas.

Note: Story from 1996 Arthur Jones Family Scrapbook.

Arthur was born in Marfa, lived at the ranch, and went to school in Valentine. He was active in sports—played basketball all through junior high and high school. He also took part in track and tennis.

Most of his free time was spent doing ranch chores—he most enjoyed those done on horseback. Helping the neighbors with their cattle working was a pleasure.

His grandmother and aunt Colleen took Leslie, Dewain, and Arthur to California for their special trip. Arthur enjoyed seeing the country, and all the fun they had. He also floated down the Grand Canyon on a raft. The most exciting part was taking pictures while going down Lava Falls. The pictures did come out! Then for his senior trip he went with the class to Baja California. It was interesting, he said, but dirty.

Arthur went to San Angelo State for a year, then worked for Classic Homes as a carpenter. He met Angela Green and then moved to Sonora where he worked for Hansen Well Service and then for Billy Green Water Service. In 1985 he and Angela were married.

Will was born in 1987 and Dustin in 1992. Will plays T-Ball, has finished first grade, and likes school. Dustin likes to ride horses, and likes cattle—as well as anything Will is doing.


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