Harvey Dewain Perry, Jr.

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Harvey Dewain Perry, Jr., fourth of six children of Patsy Moore and Dewain Perry, was born February 11, 1959, in Austin. He married Cynthia Ellen Frazer, but they were later divorced. They had no children.

Note: Story from 1996 Arthur Jones Family Scrapbook.

Dewain quit high school in 1976 and went to work, later getting his GED. At 18, in 1977, he worked off-shore doing seismic surveying for oil—starting as a deck hand and working up to boat captain. After two years, he returned to Austin. In 1979, he started a partnership in commercial construction. When the economy dropped in 1981, the partnership dissolved. He continued working in construction independently until 1986.

Dewain began training in Kuk Sool Wan Traditional Korean Martial Arts, and in 1989 began teaching professionally. In 1990 he got an invitation to go to the KSW American Headquarters in Houston to live and train in the school for a year. When he returned to Austin in April of 1993, he opened his own school. It has been so successful that the school has outgrown its first location and moved to a larger space.

Cindy is executive secretary to the vice president of FIC Insurance.


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