Janet Gayle Perry

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Janet Gayle Perry, oldest of six children of Patricia Moore and Dewain Perry, was born October 30, 1942, in Austin, Texas. On December 23, 1972, in Austin, Texas, she married Bobby Wayne Morris (born October 23, 1953). They were divorced March 3, 1977, in Austin.

On January 19, 1983, in Austin, Texas, Jan married Frederick C. Quesnel (born October 10, 1948, in Verdun, PQ, Canada).

Jan and Bobby had two children: Dana Kathleen Morris, born July 3, 1973, in Austin; and Daniel Wayne Morris, born November 24, 1976, in Austin. Both children later changed their names to Quesnel.

Note: Story from 1996 Arthur Jones Family Scrapbook.

Janet married Bobby Morris when she was 19 years old. They had two children, Dana Kathleen and Daniel Wayne. Before Dana was born, they lived in her grandmother’s mobile home on Lake Austin. When Daniel was born, they were living in her grandmother’s basement apartment. It was not a good marriage. Bobby was always in trouble. The marriage ended just before their fifth anniversary. Janet says her grandmother, mother, and children helped her through this difficult time, and she thanks God for them.

At the time Janet met Fred Quesnel, she had been divorced seven years, raising two children, Dana and Daniel. They sold their house in Austin and moved to the country (Dale, Texas) and built their own home with their own hands. The children took Fred’s last name, Quesnel.

Janet worked for the State of Texas for 15 years. Fred worked as a trucker. After the children grew up, they sold their house, and Janet quit her job and joined Fred, driving an 18-wheeler across the United States. They drove through every state of the mainland and part of Canada.

Janet started working for the State of Texas again. Dana married and had a baby daughter.


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