Leslie Colleen Perry

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Leslie Colleen Perry, fifth of six children of Patsy Moore and Dewain Perry, was born November 16, 1962. She married Rick Pulliam, but information about him is not at hand. They have two children: Ty and Brook.

Note: Story from 1996 Arthur Jones Family Scrapbook.

Leslie Perry is the fifth child of Dewain and Patricia Perry. She was born on November 16, 1962, on her Aunt Colleen’s birthday and was named for her. Leslie went to St. Elmo and Dawson elementary schools, Travis Heights and Bedicek junior high schools, and Travis High School, all in Austin. While at Travis High School she was interested in drama, ceramics, and photography.

Leslie started working while in the 12th grade. She worked at International Business Associates for four years. The business helped businesses start up in Cairo, Egypt, and Khartoum, Sudan. She later worked at StanTex, her uncle’s punching and binding company.

She then went to work at William C. Davidson, attorney at law, where her sister, Marilyn Young, worked. They dealt with bankruptcy at a time when the Texas economy was in a crunch. After the office closed its doors, Leslie moved to the Texas Department of Human Services. She and her mother worked in the same building, but not the same office. She stayed with the department for three years.

Leslie at that time went to visit her sister, Marcia Carucci, in San Diego, California, and decided to move there to live by the beautiful ocean. While in San Diego, she worked for three different businesses. The first was San Diego Center for Children, where she worked as a secretary. The non-profit organization helped mentally and physically disabled children. Leslie started at the main campus and then transferred to El Cajon and helped start up an office in the Cajon Valley Junior High School. Her second job was at Tierrasanta Christian Church, babysitting in the nursery. The third was at United Cerebral Palsy, working with her brother-in-law collecting money out of the canisters.

Leslie decided to move back to Austin in 1995 to spend time with her family, which she missed dearly, and to enjoy the Texas atmosphere and friendly smiles.

Add 2011: Leslie and husband Rick live in Bertram, Texas, with their children Ty Nickolaus and Brooke Elizabeth.


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