Grace Jones Palmer

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Minnie ‘Grace’ Palmer  dob 2 NOV 1874 dod __

The following information about Grace Jones Palmer was written by her oldest daughter, Edith Jane Palmer, and sent to my Mother on January 15, 1975. Grace Jones Palmer was my Grandmother on my Fathers side. (Paul Palmer)

“Grace Jones was a school teacher and a great lover of education and the arts. She was gifted in poetry writing, oil painting, writing generally and was always called upon and helped in any literary or other cultural projects in the community.  She was a great cook and also did needle work and sewed for her family.

Their first child, Ivan, died when 2 years of age.  Their family beginning with the oldest were Edith Jane, born June 7. 1902; William Byron, born August 9, 1904; Charles Paul, born April 26, 1909 (my Father); and Dorothy Jean born March 31. 1911. Edith married Donald Rea; had no children; Byron had one son, William Lamar; Paul, one son, Charles Paul, Jr.; and Dorothy one son Robert Palmer Newman.

Charles Phillip Palmer (Tump) and Grace Palmer were Protestants, he belonging to the Methodist Church and she belonging to the Christian Church. They were married on December 13, 1898. Tump died at Vivian, LA on October 31, 1940. Grace died at Topeka, Kansas on July 11, 1941 while visiting there from her home in Vivian, LA.  She is buried in Jones Cemetery, Amity, Arkansas.”


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