Guilford L. Jones, Jr.

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Guilford L. Jones, Jr.

Bette Janet Moritz Jones

Guilford Lavendar Jones, Jr. was born March 2, 1920, died May 24, 1990.  He was married to Bette Moritz Jones and they had two children, Guilford, III and Janet.  Bette passed away in 1999.  Guilford was married a 2nd time to Sandra Slenth Johnson to whom he was married at the time of his death. Guilford, Jr. (who went by “Guil”) was a lawyer and practiced in Big Spring, Texas his entire professional career.  He was District Attorney of the 118th Judicial District (Howard, Martin and Glasscock Counties) from 1953 to 1962.

He tried to join the Army when he was 16, upon graduation from High School at Austin High, Austin, TX. They found him out but he later did join after graduation from the University of Texas, where he met Bette Janet Moritz.



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