Jane Jones Merriman

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Jane Jones Merriman. She was married one time, to Walter William Merriman.  They lived their entire married life in Throckmorton, Texas until their later years when they moved to assisted living quarters near their daughter, Jeannette, and her children Liesl Keeter and Amy Fortenberry near Plano, Texas.


  • The following story was related to me by her daughter, cousin Jeannette Merriman Scott:

    Mother and Daddy were married at Central Christian Church, Austin, by a Dr. Sadler, who later became President of TCU. They stayed in touch with him for years… he and Daddy even went fishing one time while he was at TCU.

    They went to Fort Worth on their honeymoon, bought a piece of furniture that we still have…charged in through Daddy Ed’s hardware store as they had NO money. Mother had never been to Throckmorton until they arrived there after their 2 night honeymoon!

    Jeannette also relates the story of why her mother has no middle name of current record:

    No middle name (story behind that:  She was actually named Faith Jeannette but was always called Jane.  She hated Faith Jeannette and got angry when it was mentioned.  When she started teaching, she did not have a birth certificate and Daddy went through the process of getting one with all the “witness” documentation to prove that she had been born.  He was going to have Faith Jeannette put on the BC.  Mother got very angry and pointed out that all records, including marriage license, showed JANE JONES, so that is who she LEGALLY became!

    Some of you who will read this knew my Aunt Jane. She was small of physical stature but bigger than life in all other respects and I have no doubt that Uncle Walter was right prompt about getting that birth certificate in the exact form requested! I’ve included this little historical tidbit for not only the story itself but because there must, one would think, other records out there that mention “Faith Jeannette Jones.”

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