Josephine Haynie

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Editor: Gil Jones   Current as of June 11, 2017

Josephine Haynie (born ___, died ___ 1995).  She was the only child of Margaret Lee and Joe and was known by all of us as “JoJean.”  She was never married except to her entire family and as a result, was the favorite of everyone.

JoJean was the consummate protagonist. During the UT/Aggie football games that traditionally were held on Thanksgiving Day — when all of the family was gathered at G.L. and Jeannette’s house in Marble Falls — she would goad the rest of the family, all of whom were rooting for the Longhorns. We made her sit in the back of the room where she used her best high school cheerleading skills to “gig” us on the few occasions that the Aggies did something about which to cheer.

Of course, it did not bother Uncle Walter who was usually asleep on the floor.


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