Isaac Jarratt Jones

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Dr. Isaac Jarratt Jones, was born at Mt. Ida, Montgomery County, Arkansas November 23 1863 and died December 28, 1932 from a fireplace accident at his home in Little Rock, Arkansas. He had recently retired from the faculty at the University of Arkansas Medical School.

He was educated in the public schools at Mt. Ida and Amity and later was graduated from the University of Arkansas Medical School.  He then took medical study at the University of Chicago and began practice in Rosedale and Benoit Mississippi, where he remained 3 years, followed by practicing with the medical staff at Confederate Home in Austin Texas.  Being interested in tropical diseases, such as malaria, he practiced in Honduras, Central America for a year. At the outbreak of World War I he enlisted in the Army Medical Corps and first was assigned to duty at Cristobal, Panama. He later was transferred to the base hospital at Camp Merritt, N. J., where he remained until after demobilization.  After his discharge from the Army, Dr. Jones took a course at Tulane University and then accepted a professorship of bacteriology at the University of Arkansas School of Medicine, where he remained l0 years until his retirement in 1930. Dr, Jones held the rank of captain in the Army and was a lieutenant-colonel in the Reserve Officers Corps. He was chairman of the Board of Directors of the First Christian Church; a member of M. M. Eberts Post No. 1, American Legion, and also of the Pulaski County and State medical societies.

He married Maidee Brotherton Payne.  Maidee was born was born August 21, 1872 and died January 25, 1934.



1 thought on “Isaac Jarratt Jones

  1. Was Isaac in Louisiana in 1920? The census shows some close names, birth years and occupation, but odd variations as follows:

    I.G. versus I.J. born 1865 versus 1864
    Occupation doctor – that correlates
    Wife Medie versus Maidee B but has correct birth year of 1872
    – Gil –

    Guilford L. Jones, III
    (Grandson of Guilford)

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