Maidee Ruth Williams

Maidee Ruth Williams Bouchery

Maidee Ruth Williams, born on October 18, 1924, parents Camilla Jones and
James Dent Williams, deceased on May 15, 2018 at the ripe old age of 93.
After a bout as sergeant in the US occupation army in Japan, she came to
France in 1948 for the express purpose of studying theater acting in Paris. At
first, having virtually no French, she survived on bread, wine and cheese (“pain,
vin, fromage”), these being the only food related French words she knew.
In between studies, she spent time visiting the south of France on a bicycle, no
mean feat when the very strong mistral wind blows! After a couple of years in
Paris during which we hope she learned more words to be able to sample the
many delights provided by the local cuisine, she met Claude Bouchery, young
aspiring theater actor, 4 years her junior. They were wed in 1952 and had three
offsprings between 1953 and 1958, 2 girls and a boy (Isabelle, Dominique and
Alas, the romance didn’t last and they separated, if memory serves, in 1962.
While Claude remained in Paris, Maidee went to the city of Bourges in the
center of France where one of the first Palaces of Culture was opening and
offered work perspectives. Then, on to other places in France, until 1969 when
she decided to return to the U.S. with her two youngest children. First in the
south, in Mississippi, where her parents and sister Nancy lived, then to Boston
until 1976, when, ever restless, she came back again to France where her
children had preceded her.
While she was still in the U.S., she managed to make a trip to China, no doubt
out of curiosity for the other side of the world. Back in France, she lived in
various places and even made a 6-month trip from northern Italy to the mouth
of the river Loire with a donkey-drawn caravan, doing mime shows on the way,
mime being what she was best at. She ended up in Brittany and spent her
remaining years writing theater pieces and stories. She was able to remain in
her home until the end.

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