Mary Ladussa Jones Diffie

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Mary Ladussa Jones  B: Feb 28 1859, D: 1949

Mary Ladussa Jones, born February 28, 1859 in Mt. Ida, Arkansas married William Owen ‘W.O.’ Diffie, born December 30, 1851 in Bismarck, Arkansas on November 5, 1882.  Mary and W.O. had five sons: Granville, Francis, Alfred, Wilmar, and Bailey.

Mary was a tall attractive woman who projected a regal quality, a person of standards, as well as strength and fearlessness from her pioneer life.  Mary, along with her siblings, Fannie and Granville, attended the University of Arkansas, beginning in 1878.  The journey to college took days and the transport was a wagon pulled by two horses.  The University’s records document that Mary took courses in music, specifically the guitar. This shows that the Diffie music tradition has deep roots. W. O. practiced law and was a county judge.

W.O. passed away in Broken Bow, Oklahoma on February 5, 1928 and was followed by Mary March 3, 1949.  Both Mary and W.O. are buried in the Jones Valley Family Cemetery.


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