Outlaws and Inlaws

Actually, this is the IN-laws page. The significant other page, if you will. And it branches between the in-laws and other friends who are honorary cuzzins.

If you add people, just put the name in bold. The name, like all content, is fully searchable.  I think I have this set where all registered users can add to this page.


Liz Cubage Wife of our esteemed president (2012-  ), Spencer Cubage.

Jennifer Jones Wife of Gil Jones. She will be PO’d that I put her high on the page  🙂

Robert Atkinson husband of Karen Atkinson.

Honorary cuzzins

Jan Lammers Friend of Spencer’s who has been here so often that everyone was trying to figure out which branch he’s in. Great banjo player and all-around good guy.

Other folks of note

J.D. Lybrand J.D. has done a ton of work around the valley such as the re-building of the Cubage cabin, demolition of the old Diffie cabin and building the new one, pouring concrete and other work to fix our low-water crossing and the problems from flooding, and much more. A true friend of the Valley.