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(updated 7/7/2017 to add places to stay and other reunion general info)

A short history of reunions from a commentary by Mike White on the Facebook page:

The first Reunion was at Melinda & J.D. Cubage’s Amity farm in 1921, second in Caddo Gap at the school house in 1923 when they decided to buy the land we call Jones Valley. And the 1924 Reunion was held in Jones Valley. When I took over putting out the annual Reunion announcement/newsletter, I just picked up number from the previous year’s and added one – this year being the 96th. This would make this count have been based on 1921, the year of the first Reunion, and 2021 marking the 100th. 

This photo is probably what the school house looked like in 1923 where that reunion was held.



The family gathering for the 1923 reunion.


The reunion group in 1923.






General info about the reunions


July 4th plus or minus a few days depending on how it falls. Be sure you are on the email list (sign up here) and on the postal mailing list to get all the details for each year.

Financial Support

The Valley has no regular source of income. See contribution opportunities at History and Ancestry.


Where to stay

Here are some place we know about where you might stay if you have no lodging available in the Valley (web links where we could find one):

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