2014 reunion

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Author Name: mike-white

Reunion 2014 Postscript from Cuzzin Mike

(video here)

Held July 3-6, it was great. Hope everyone made it home safe and sound from the this year’s Clingman-Jones Family Reunion – the 2014 edition.   It was an excellent one, starting with the great weather, and continuing on through the visiting, fireworks, music, water fun, games, tall tales, food, and family fellowship.   I am planning on sending out fall recap newsletter, so this is just a note of appreciation to everyone for making this one a very good one indeed..

Your Board of Directors did set the dates for the 2015 Reunion.   With July 4th falling on a Saturday next year, the Reunion days will be the same as this this year:  Thursday July 2 early arrival day with burgers/dogs from the grill courtesy of Karen and Robert Atkinson, Friday & Saturay July 3rd and 4th three meals, and Sunday breakfast travel day.   So, there you are, set your calendars accordingly.

If you happened to not make it to this year’s Reunion, or somehow, with all the things going on, over looked handing me your donation check – there is still time to mail it in.  Just make it out to:   Clingman-Jones Family, and mail it to:  Mike White, P.O. Box 1161, Fairhope, AL 36533   Although, the Reunion and Jones Valley exist because of love, your financial help is most appreciated.

Enjoy the rest of the summer,

Cousin Mike

Here is Gil’s quick video summary:


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