2016 Reunion

Reunion 2016 Family Photo

Reunion 2016 Postscript from Cuzzin Mike

Hello Cousins,

A lot went on at our 2016 Reunion, and I mean a lot.  It was another good one for sure, and I intend to provide you the highlights in a Fall Recap newsletter.  One important development came about which needs to be brought to your attention right away.

(What)  We, thru the work of Cousin Gil Jones, now have an Internet-based capability for you to go to with your computer or digital device, and donate to support your Jones Valley and Reunion! So, you don’t have to find and drag out that checkbook, write one, and mail it to me.  No, not anymore, just go to https://squareup.com/store/clingman-jones-family-association and help support your ancestors’ gift.

(Why)  We – you and I – have had big expenses this year and your help is really needed – time to show your love.  So, if you happened to get away from the Reunion without donating, didn’t go to the Reunion this year, or haven’t been in a while, but care – please take a moment and click on that link and do the right thing.  Trust me (not Hillary or Donald) – this is not going to support my lavish lifestyle.

(How)  On the technical side, this is a secure website from Square, similar to PayPal, and is used by lots of retail places that use their Smart Phone to swipe your credit card.  On the “Checkout” page, enter your billing information and card details.  MM/YY is where you enter the card’s expiration date, CVV is for the three digit security code from the back of the card, and the five digit number to the right is where you enter the card’s billing zip code.  Like many at the Reunion, you will receive an email confirmation of your donation.

Thanks, as always,

Cousin Mike