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Online donations available

Just click here to go to our online store. We are using the Square credit card system. None of your credit card details are retained on our site. More about your potential donation …

All donations for the maintenance and operation of the Valley and putting on the Annual Reunion are greatly appreciated. Donate according to your ability and how much fun you’ve had in the Valley!

Even if you are unable to attend all, or even any, of the reunions, it is important that we all help to continue the tradition that has existed since 1921, and since 1923 in the Valley location.

Annual donations to cover fixed expenses

ANNUALLY, the budget needs help with year-round operations such as

  • cleaning out the swimming hole from the winter
  • dining hall and bathrooms repairs and cleaning
  • mowing of Valley and cemetery
  • dam repairs
  • mailings
  • taxes
  • and cooks for the reunion.

These are all fixed costs. These happen whether you attend the reunion, or not. And they are essential to preservation of the legacy of these 200 acres that are here due to the foresight of the 11 brothers and sisters and generations following them. Please help as you are able. Just click here to go to our online store. For those who are able, a suggestion to cover fixed costs is $100 per adult per year. Just a suggestion. Every contribution no matter the size is greatly appreciated.


For the reunion there is the additional cost of providing meals. $5 per person per meal is suggested for the 7 meals provided, or $35 total per person for the reunion.

Memorial and Other Special Donation opportunities

The Square site also has a place to make a special (but not designated) donation, a memorial donation, or designated contributions to the dam fund for maintenance of our low-water dam or the upcoming pine planting. NOTE: designated funds are not restricted to the designated purpose and the Board may redirect funds to another purpose in case the designated need no longer exists or more urgent needs exist that require immediate attention.

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