Another day in that paradise called Jones Valley

(originally posted Jun 29, 2007)

Ah, the comforts of home this year … an air-conditioned popup camper instead of the tent. Of course that means I brought a 4-wheeled vehicle rather than the usual two. Maybe the crazy judge from Texas is finally growing up? Nah! It’s just kinda nice to sit here under the A/C and contemplate a real bed tonight and still wake up in the Valley. A photo gallery has been begun.


Larry Braswell created a mighty fine location for the trailer. Pictures to follow. Arrived late after starting awfully early. It’s hard to turn 500 miles into a 12 hour trip but it can be done. First, you forget a couple of things and stop at Wal-Mart. Since that one didn’t have the dog leash (yes, I HAVE a dog leash but, well, it’s back home), you stop at the Wally World in Lampasas but it doesn’t have it either. The third one I stopped in did. Then you stop to get the female receptacle for the 75 foot extension cord you’re building cuz there’s no sense bringing the camper unless you can run the A/C, right? And once you get really going good and are almost there, then have a blowout on the trailer. Not good, but rescued by Zack and his younger brother Scott who not only had a jack more adequate than mine, but did most of the work to boot! Was happy to make a nice contribution to his beer fund. Zack’s, not Scott’s … he’s the younger brother you see.

But I did make it and Larry and Bob had hot dogs going so I got to eat. Bailiff, oh, right, that would be the dog for whom the leash and stake out was needed — Bailiff has had a ball getting acquainted with the area and has been quit good about sticking close. She’s on her bed with eyes hanging heavily wishing I would turn out the light.

Cell signal is good again this year. Amazing. May be able to get the webcam going. We’ll see if anyone out there not in attendance wants it. At the moment, however, it’s late and I’m rambling. More later after what promises to be an adventure about the blown tire tomorrow.

Family and church in the Valley

(originally posted July 1,2007)

After a lazy wake-up, I suppose due mainly to the wonderful rain and gentle storm during the night, Bailiff and I took a stroll down the road to the highway. Nose to the ground and traversing the road from side-to-side, Bailiff owned the world for that 20 minute walk. As a house and yard dog she has revelled in the freedom granted by the open spaces punctuated by about 100 people ever-ready to pet and render attention to her. This is the proper environment for this 60-pound bundle of activity. Continue reading

Another reunion under my/our belt

(originally posted July 8,2007)  NOTE: photo links are not working. Will fix

One head count indicated around 90 in attendance, not sure anyone got the exact count. There were a lot more 20/30 somethings this year and more kiddos — that’s great! The food was really good thanks to Karen and Robert Atkinson’s organization, the grounds were in super shape due to Larry Braswell’s oversight and added personal labor on the mower, the records were in order from Treasurer Milton Cameron and Secretary Mike White, [G2:1436 class=g2image_float_left] and the Sunday service was fulfilling under Johnny Cameron’s leadership. I know I’ve left out some people who played a big part in the reunion …. Continue reading