The Valley in January

(originally posted Jan 21, 2010)

Made a little trip out to Arkansas this last weekend and spent a pleasant couple of days in Jones Valley. The Valley has a very nice soft look in the winter. Larry and Paula were there as well, and we had a real nice time visiting, getting a few things done, and taking in most of the NFL playoff games. Continue reading

How High’s the water, Momma

(originally posted Mar 6, 2010)

I’m not sure about the height, but city water is now in Jones Valley, Caddo Gap, Arkansas. And Cousins, from all reports, it tastes very good! This milestone was reached during the last days of February 2010 when our President, Larry Braswell, directed the successful completion of the connections to the end points from the city water termination junction near the well and pump. Continue reading

Spring greetings from the Valley

(originally posted Mar 16, 2010)

Bailiff (trusty canine companion) and I arrived yesterday about 6pm. Jim Bowman and Larry Braswell had already left, but in came Austin and Peaches and today Ryan and Sheila arrived. So it’s not lonely, but is very quiet. J.D. and his crew were completing the demolition of the Diffie cabin — Continue reading

Spring update #2 from the Valley

(originally posted Mar 18, 2010)

It’s Thursday. Larry came up last night and today we’ve been about various things. Did a little trash cleanup first (more on that here). We headed into Norman to the trash dump (see below)  but alas, it was closed. Larry then mentioned Melba’s Cafe right there in Norman and how about a cup of coffee. Well that sounded just peachy. Continue reading

Spring 2010 and the rock dragging

(originally posted Mar 19, 2010)

(updated April 24, 2010) Had another nice walk up the mountain today. Cool clear skies so Bailiff and I walked briskly to the solar house and back. The damp morning brings out the smells so she had her nose working overtime, periodically sensing something that led her off crashing through the brush. Continue reading

September 2010 doings at the Valley

A quick trip to the Valley (day up, day there, day home) included a wonderful memorial for Jim Bowman (which culminated in a Masonic ceremony), a short visit with his family but a longer visit with granddaughter Hannah, some great time spent with Larry and Paula, and with Mike White who hosted me in the Cubage Cabin. He even poured the wine in the evening! Continue reading